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Vancouver to Whitehorse

Take the road less travelled and explore the northern part of Vancouver Island where the adventure of a lifetime awaits you. Explore the unspoiled and breathtaking palette of rainforest, lakes, saltwater inlets and get up close and personal with whales and sea wildlife. Dig deep into the cultural history of Vancouver Island North when visiting a surprisingly diverse range of cultural treasure boxes packed with colorful displays and exhibits.

Route: Vancouver to Whitehorse
Duration: 20 days
Total Distance: 3145 km/1955 mi
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Egmont, Sunshine Coast - Stock Photo   

Sunshine Coast Tour

British Columbia's Sunshine Coast is a rugged, secluded, marvelously laid-back area people instantly appreciate when they make the journey. It stretches from Gibsons to Lund in an approximate 180 kilometre-long collection of oceanside villages, creating homes for unique waterside shops, friendly locals and the easygoing, coastal lifestyle.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver
Duration: 7 Days
Total Distance: 459 km/285 mi
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Inukshuk in Whistler Snow - Stock Photo    

Winter Sea to Sky

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of snow-capped mountains, towering in glory as they reach out to embrace the sparkling expanse of the sea. Whether you are trekking the mountainside in snowshoes, barrelling alongside glistening fields in a snowmobile, ice-climbing up a frozen waterfall, or conquering one of many mountains on skis or snowboard, truly intrepid spirits will find boundless possibilities for adventure in Sea to Sky Country.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver
Duration: 13 Days
Total Distance: 1233 km/766 mi
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Butchart Garden, Vancouver Island - Stock Photo    

Totem Circle

Beaches, fjords, lakes, mountains and more. This is our Totem Circle Tour. Choose to travel one way from Vancouver to Calgary or complete the circle by returning to Vancouver through Montana and Southern British Columbia.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver or Vancouver to Calgary
Duration: 17-25 Days
Total Distance: 2262-3784 km
1405-2351 mi
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Victoria, BC - Stock Photo   

The Vancouver Island Experience

Enjoy 8 or more days exploring the diverse landscape and culture of beautiful Vancouver Island.  From rainforests to marshes, beaches to mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes, Vancouver Island is one of the world's premier locations for whale watching, birding and fishing.  Your CanaDream motorhome is the perfect way to experience it all.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver
Duration: 8-10 Days
Total Distance: 848 km/530 mi
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Wine Bottles - Stock photo    

Okanagan Wine Tour

The Okanagan valley offers a tantalizing experience for anyone who loves fabulous wine accompanied by fine cuisine. This is a perfect opportunity to taste the global culinary infusion of locally grown products complemented with renowned Okanagan wines.  With more than 150 wineries in the Okanagan region, our itinerary can only offer suggestions as to how to make the most of your RV wine tour experience.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver or Calgary to Calgary
Duration: 8-10 Days
Total Distance: 1500 km/932 mi
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Totem Pole - Stock Photo   

Southern BC to the Rockies and Back

Enjoy 16 days exploring the beauty of Western Canada from the Pacific coast, to the Rocky Mountains, to the interior of British Columbia in a rental motorhome, RV or truck camper from CanaDream RV Rentals. Convenient pick up location in Vancouver.

Route: Vancouver to Vancouver
Duration: 16 Days
Total Distance: 2770 km/1726 mi
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