Bordée par l'océan sur sa façade ouest et par les montagnes sur son flanc est, Vancouver est à juste titre reconnu comme étant l'une des villes les plus agréables pour vivre.

Vancouver est la plus grande ville de la côte ouest canadienne, et fait partie des localités les plus denses et les plus multiculturelles du Canada . There is never a shortage of cool things to do in Vancouver. Adventure, attractions, beaches, parks, great restaurants, museums, history and festivals are just a sprinkling of what Vancouver has to offer.

Search for a bargain while shopping in the downtown core, get acquainted with Gassy Jack in Gastown, or ferry over to Granville Island and select from some of the freshest produce around for your evening meal.

Downtown Vancouver is easily reached by Skytrain from the airport and very walkable once you are in the city. A stone's throw away from the hustle and bustle of downtown lies a magnificent green oasis in the midst of an urban landscape. Take a stroll or bike ride through Stanley Park and feel dwarfed by more than 180,000 trees, many more than 500 years old. This world-renowned park has plenty to keep you busy for a full day including totem poles, horse-drawn tours and a world-class aquarium.

Vancouver is the beginning or end point for Guests picking up RV rentals from our location in Delta.  Add in a couple of days on your RV itinerary to spend time in this city so many Canadians call home.

Top 5 Things to Do

  • Fly over Canada
  • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park
  • Grouse Mountain
  • Stanley Park
  • Vancouver Aquarium

Natural Beauty, Cultural Diversity

For families debating the merits of an urban or a rural vacation, Vancouver makes the decision easy. Here the best of both worlds combine with wildlife on your doorstep, acres of parkland a short step away and superb shopping, dining and nightlife. Choose Vancouver - it's spectacular by nature.

Video courtesy of Tourism Vancouver

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