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          Driving License/Driver’s Age       One-way Drop-off Fees              Whitehorse. Tax is calculated on
          •  All drivers must possess a      Based on availability, we offer    the gross amount of the booking.
           driver’s license valid for the    one-way bookings to and from all
           entire booking period             of our CanaDream corporate         Kilometre Plans
          •  An international driver’s license   locations.                     •  100 km per night is included in
           is not valid unless accompanied   One-way bookings must be             all retail Guest bookings.
           by an original driver’s license   reserved and confirmed in          •  500 and 800 kilometre packages
           from your own country.            advance and the applicable one       can be prepurchased at
          •  Minimum driving age is 21 years   way fee applies unless the fee is   competitive rates.
          •  Only drivers listed on contract   included in your RV package.     •  Individual or additional
           are allowed to drive                                                   kilometres:  See current rate
          •  Additional Driver Fee:  A fee   Commercial Guests                    sheet.
           applies for each additional driver   CanaDream vehicles may be       Please Note: There is no refund for
          •  Driving in the USA:  An         booked for commercial purposes     unused kilometres.
           additional charge per night is    if special prior approval is
           payable for each vehicle          obtained.
           entering the United States
           including Alaska. In the event    Responsibility
           CanaDream is not made aware       If, for any reason beyond the
           of travel in the USA and an       Company’s control, the reserved
           incident occurs, the insurance    vehicle is not available,          Smoking Policy
           coverage will be void and the     CanaDream reserves the right to    Our vehicles are smoke-free. If you
           Guest will be fully responsible   substitute a vehicle of equivalent   choose to smoke, a minimum
           for all costs.                    value or offer a higher            $500.00 cleaning charge will
                                             rated vehicle at no additional cost.   apply.
          Travel in Restricted Areas         Should a lower rated vehicle be
          Please refer to the Travel in      substituted, the Company’s only
          Unauthorized and Prohibited        responsibility is to refund
          Areas section on the Insurance     the difference between the two
          Coverage page.                     vehicles. Although this is
          Preparation Charges                infrequent, accidents or           Pets
          The preparation charge of $55 is   mechanical repairs may force       Sorry, while we love pets, we are
          included in the booking cost. This                                    unable to allow animals of any
          includes transfers to and from the   Fuel                             kind to travel in our motorhomes.
          airport and airport area           CanaDream makes no
          hotels (with the exception of      representation as to fuel
          Montreal where a transfer fee of   consumption. Vehicles are          * Terms and Conditions may
          $90 return will be charged), and   supplied with a minimum 1/4        change without notice
          vehicle preparation (including first   tank. If the Guest returns with less
          supply of propane).                fuel than on departure,

          Convenience Kit Fees               he/she will be charged for that
                                             amount of fuel plus a refuelling
          Convenience kits are available     surcharge. There is no refund
          based on one kit per person per    if Guest returns with more fuel
          booking. Our convenience kits      than on departure.
          include dishes, pillows, linen,
          towels, blankets/comforters.  With   Sales Taxes
          the purchase of one or more        Applicable sales taxes (GST, PST,
          convenience kits, Guests will      HST) will apply based on pick-up
          receive one kitchen kit which      location. There is no provincial tax
          includes pots and other kitchen    in Calgary, Edmonton or
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