Winter FAQs


Yes.  Our motorhomes are built for Canadian winter conditions with double pane windows and are equipped with:

  • a high efficiency furnace
  • generator
  • quatre batteries
  • interior winter cab blanket, and
  • insulated and heated water and holding tanks.

Ce sont ces caractéristiques sur mesure qui font de ce véhicule un camping-car sûr, quelles que soient les conditions hivernales.

Avec CanaDream, louez un VR en toute sérénité pour les vacances d'hiver. Our motorhomes are equipped with everything necessary to ensure you are kept warm and dry inside. Vous avez juste besoin d'apporter assez de vêtements adéquats pour être au chaud pendant que vous vous adonnez à vos activités en plein air préférées.
No.  Our winter RVs are designed to be fully independent with 4 coach batteries and a generator.  The coach batteries operate the interior lights, water pump and furnace fan.   If you need to use the microwave or 110V electrical outlets when you are not plugged in to an outside electricity source, or you wish to charge the coach batteries, you can do so by operating the generator.
Oui, un grand nombre de terrains de camping restent ouverts pendant l'hiver et nous avons préparé une liste de ces terrains de camping pour vous faciliter la tâche.  Vous pouvez les consulter en cliquant sur les liens sur notre page réservée au camping d'hiver.
Yes.  Many ski hills do allow their guests to overnight in their car parks.  Please ask for permission from ski hill management before doing this.

Yes, there is a high efficiency propane thermostatically controlled furnace that you can set to your desired temperature and comfort setting.

The furnace fan operates off the four independent coach batteries that automatically recharge while you drive and/or plug into 110V power or use the generator. The coach batteries are independent of the engine battery.

Yes.  CanaDream has winter specific RVs which are manufactured to allow for use of all facilities  (including shower, toilet, sink) in winter temperatures.   These RVs have insulated and heated water and holding tanks to stop water freezing in the lines.
CanaDream RVs are equipped with All-Season tires. Ces pneus sont adaptés pour être utilisés l'hiver (marquage Mud & Snow - boue et neige).
Yes. Our Winter Pillow & Powder rental rates (November 1st to March 31st) include travelling in the USA.

Please also note that U.S. Department of Agriculture may not allow fresh meat, fruits and vegetables across the border. If you are planning on crossing into the USA we suggest you shop for your groceries once you are in the United States.
No.  All main roads in Canada are kept ploughed and are drivable during winter.  It is very rare that you will require chains on any main roads or ski hill access roads.
CanaDream RVs have large outside ski storage lockers at the rear of the vehicle.  There is ample storage in these lockers for skis and other equipment.
There is a furnace vent in the bathroom which pushes heat into the shower stall, making it an excellent place to dry wet boots and clothing.
Nos camping-cars d'hiver sont spécialement conçus pour être utilisés l'hiver et accueillent confortablement jusqu'à quatre adultes et deux enfants en bas âge.