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When is full payment required?            Do I need to clean the vehicle           How does CanaDream calculate
                                          before returning it?                     pricing for my RV vacation
Full payment is required 30 days prior                                             experience?
to the pick up day.                       We would be happy to have you
                                          sweep out the unit and ensure the        CanaDream bases its pricing on a flex
What is the minimum driver age?           fridge is empty with any spills wiped    system where rates are recalculated
                                          out. Please remove all garbage           every Monday according to
You must be at least 21 years old to      from the vehicle, ensure that the table  availability of each vehicle type. Our
reserve a motorhome and hold a valid      and countertops are wiped down,          pricing for a particular vehicle type
driver’s licence issued by your own       dishes are clean and that the stove      will be higher if there is limited
country. This licence must be valid       and oven are free of grease. If you      availability. Generally speaking this
until at least one day after you drop     choose not to do this, or would like us  means the EARLIER you book the
off your vehicle.                         to do so, we are happy to                LOWER YOUR PRICE will be. Your rate
                                          do the cleaning at a cost of $75.00/     is determined by your pickup date
Do you offer one-way bookings             hour.                                    and multiplied by the number of
between your locations?                                                            nights booked.
                                          Can I tow anything behind the RV?
Yes, we offer one-ways between our                                                 IMPORTANT: Please be aware that
locations. There is a $850.00 charge      We do not permit towing of any kind      the information above serves to
for one-way bookings. These require       behind the RV. Your insurance            answer frequently asked questions
prior authorization, which can be         coverage with CanaDream will not         only. For full CanaDream Terms and
arranged by calling our Central           cover damage to the vehicle if the RV    Conditions, please refer to your
Reservations at 1-800-480-9781.           is being used to tow anything.           CanaDream Rental Agreement.
Generally speaking, one-ways are not
available to or from our Edmonton         Can I put a canoe or other object        Please visit
location.                                 on the roof of your vehicles?            for answers to all our frequently asked
Do you rent bike racks?                   To prevent accidents, we do not allow
                                          the transportation of canoes or other
Bike racks can be fitted to our MHA,      objects on the roofs of our vehicles.
MHB and SVC vehicles only. Racks are      There is no coverage for any type
available for up to four bikes at a cost  of incident as a result of transporting
of $50.00 plus tax.                       an object on the roof of the vehicle.

Are you open on Sundays and               Do you provide RVs to
public holidays?                          accommodate more than six
From May 1 to September 30, we are
open Monday to Sunday including all       The maximum number of people
public holidays. In our off-season        in each RV is six. Canadian law
months of October 1 to April 30, we       requires that every person seated in
are closed on Sundays and public          the vehicle must be wearing a seat
holidays. However, special                belt. The maximum number of seat
arrangements can be made for              belts in any of our vehicles is six.
a Sunday pick up or drop off at a cost
of $375.00 per occurrence.                What is the CanaDream Club?

Do I need to empty the sewer and          The CanaDream Club is our exclusive
water tanks at the end of my trip?        travel services program. Membership
                                          is included when you book your RV
We would be happy if you empty the        vacation with CanaDream.
sewer (black water) and waste water       Membership entitles you to special
(grey water) tanks into appropriate       discounts at campgrounds,
dump stations before you return your      attractions and hotels across Canada.
vehicle, or we are happy to do this at    For further information please visit
a cost of $75.00.               
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