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The Guarantee                          taken at departure                   HOURS OF OPERATION
CanaDream guarantees that our        •	 Security deposits must be made
fleet is of the highest standard in                                          • 	 May 1 – Sept. 30:  8.00 am – 6.00 pm
Canada with features that are          by credit card and are processed        Monday through Sunday
exclusive to CanaDream.              •	 Prepaid credit cards are not
                                                                             • 	 Oct. 1 – Apr. 30:  8.00 am – 5.00 pm
Reservations                           accepted                                Monday through Saturday*
A $500 deposit is required upon      •	 Deposits are refunded when the
booking.                                                                     • 	 CanaDream schedules pick ups from
                                       vehicle has not been involved in        1.00 pm to 4.00 pm daily.
Payments                               an incident and is returned in a
Full payment is required 30 days       clean and undamaged condition,        Please call us on the morning of
prior to departure. Payment can        complete with all equipment.          your pick up to schedule your
be made by MasterCard, Visa or                                               pick-up time.
American Express credit cards. All   Group Bookings
Guests must present a valid credit   CanaDream is happy to welcome           • Drop off is from 8.00 am – 10.00 am
card at the time of pick up          group bookings for all our unit         • Late charges for drop offs after
(see section on Security Deposit).   types with the following changes
                                     to our regular terms and                  10.00 am will be $75.00 per hour
Cancellation Policy                  conditions for groups of 5 or more
Booked and cancelled within 5        vehicles. A deposit of $500 per         * S unday pick up/drop offs are available
days is “No Charge” when             unit is required upon confirmation        at a cost of $375 per pick up or drop off.
departure date is greater than 45    of the booking. Full payment
days from booking date. Bookings     is required 90 days before             requested to telephone
cancelled more than 5 days after     departure.                             CanaDream for authorization
booking date are subject to          Group Cancellation Policy              before proceeding with repairs.
the following cancellation charges:  •	 Over 180 days prior to departure:   Replacement parts, together with
•	 Over 45 days prior to                                                    purchase receipt, must
                                       $500 per vehicle booked              be returned to the drop-off
  departure: $100                    •	 179 – 60 days prior to departure:   station for reimbursement. Guests
•	 45 – 15 days prior to                                                    assume full responsibility for
                                       50% of the charges                   damage to tires and
  departure: $500                    •	 Under 60 days:  Full payment        undercarriage. Oil, tire pressure
•	 14 – 08 days prior to                                                    and coolant must be checked at
                                     Transfers                              each refueling. Costs for oil will be
  departure: $750                    Transfer to and from airport or        refunded upon presentation
•	 7 days prior to departure and no  airport hotels is included on your     of receipts. The Company’s
                                     day of pick up or drop off except in   responsibility is limited to
  shows:                             Montreal where a transfer fee of       the refund of the daily gross rate,
  100% of the total charges.         $90 return applies.                    or portion thereof, if the
                                                                            breakdown repair is longer than
Minimum Booking Duration             Early Returns/Unused                   48 hours.
CanaDream is happy to welcome        Kilometres
you as our Guest with no             Sorry, there are no refunds for
minimum booking duration at any      early returns or unused kilometres.
time of the year, subject to
demand and availability.             Repairs/Maintenance
Security Deposit                     Our fleet of vehicles is in top
•	 Guest bookings require a          mechanical condition. In the
                                     unlikely event that a mechanical
  security deposit of $750 ($1,500   failure occurs, Guests are
  for drivers 21 to 24 years)        authorized to proceed with
•	 An open, signed credit card       necessary repairs up to $100. For
  authorization (blank imprint) is   expenses over $100, Guests are
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