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Along the Cape Breton Trail 

Understand how RV rentals differ from car hire and hotel stays

So, you’re planning your next vacation and the idea of travelling in an RV appeals to you. What are some of the things you need to know when booking your RV rental and once you’ve set off? 


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Old Sodus Light, New York State

I'm compact in size but still provide all the comforts you'd look for in a full size RV!

Hi - I'm "Simplicity"! I and my identical siblings are the latest addition to the CanaDream Guest fleet.  If you're planning to rent an RV, I'm a perfect size for singles or couples to travel in as they experience Canada at their own pace.   I'm compact in size but still provide all the comforts you'd look for in a full size RV.


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Calabrate Canada Day

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday with fireworks, a parade and a giant birthday cake

As 2017 dawned across the country, Canada began a year-long sesqui-centennial celebration.Some of the festivities have been low-key, others more prominent but none will be as spectacular as the parties happening on July 1st. Impatient revelers are counting down the days – so where are the best places to take part in these historic events?

There's something happening everywhere so here's some of our picks. 

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Peace Bridge, Calgary, Alberta

Adventure and spontaneity rule with the flexibility of an RV vacation in Southern Alberta

In our quest to explore places beyond our immediate horizons, we often fail to reach out and embrace the opportunity for adventure in our own backyards. As an Albertan, I often find myself guilty of doing just that – of believing that the world outside Alberta is far more exciting than anything I’d experience if I took a vacation in my own province. No more! That’s not to say that I won’t venture further in the future but, for now, there’s so much to explore right here – particularly in and around its diverse southern regions.

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Capilano Suspension Bridge

Vancouver RV Parks provide an ideal mix of city meets country

Ahh summer! After a long winter, it’s almost here! The weather is warm, the scenery is at its spectacular best and there’s a buzz all around as you meet and exchange stories with others you meet on your travels. Our family's vacations always centre around an RV and this summer will see us British Columbia bound. Starting out in Vancouver, we'll experience many of the "must do" attractions around the city while soaking in the country vibe of one of the many RV parks in the Greater Vancouver area.

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Totem pole in British Columbia

Take part in one of the many celebrations happening across Canada!

July 1, 2017 will mark Canada's 150th birthday and the sesquicentennial is as good an excuse as any to get involved and discover the unique culture that is Canada while taking your RV out for an adventure.Whether you’re looking to take part in smaller community events or national celebrations, there will be plenty for you to explore.

Here’s a small peek into some of the festivities you can take part in while experiencing Canada at your own pace in an RV.

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